You’re Ready for Spring…is Your HVAC? 

The weather is warming, March is around the corner, and it’s time to start considering whether your home is ready for the warmer weather. As a home service business, we like to encourage our customers to prepare for the next season before it arrives. For example, today, we want to explore whether or not your HVAC is ready for the spring. Are you prepared for allergies? What about switching from heating to cooling? Today we’ll walk you through a bit of a spring HVAC checklist to ensure that when March 20th comes, you AND your home will be ready! 

Why prepping for the spring is essential.

You may be wondering why you should be prepping your HVAC at all…after all, it will just work when you switch from heating to cooling. You’re right, but in order to create a smooth and efficient transition, it’s best to do some preparation. Preparation and preventative maintenance can help ensure that sneaky problems don’t get missed. It can also help you reach maximum efficiency (i.e., save yourself some money!). 

A spring HVAC checklist 

Here is a little spring HVAC checklist to help make sure that your unit is ready for the warmer weather. These things can help create a smooth transition from heating to cooling. 

  • Check to ensure that your air filters are clean and ready for allergy season. We all know that the spring is the worst time for allergies. That’s why having clean air filters is important. Cleaning or changing your air filters gives your HVAC a better chance of catching allergens before they get sent through your home. 
  • Test your air conditioning BEFORE you entirely run it. Testing your air conditioning by running it for a few hours can help you catch any problems before it’s in full use. This means you can get repairs done before you need the AC. 
  • Clear and inspect your unit. The winter typically brings snow, falling branches, leaves, and other debris. Be sure that you clear your AC unit of any of this debris before you start running it. You can also do a brief visual inspection of the unit to ensure that nothing appears seriously damaged before use. 
  • Clean and check your ducts out. The ducts of your HVAC system are critical, and that’s why it’s a great time to get them checked. A professional like Miller’s can inspect for cracks, leaks, or damage within the ducts. 
  • Schedule your seasonal maintenance now. Get ahead of all the other people waiting for the first day of spring and schedule your seasonal HVAC maintenance with us today. Seasonal maintenance helps catch any issues that may have occurred during the winter months. It’s a great time to ensure all systems work properly and fix any issues. Seasonal maintenance helps take the pressure off you and allows a professional to double-check that all systems are a go! 

We hope that this little checklist will help you stay on top of your HVAC’s health. The spring can be challenging on your HVAC unit because of allergies and frequent temperature changes. Give it the best chance at success by preparing for the warmer weather. Call (804) 758-4314 today to schedule your seasonal HVAC maintenance! 

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