Septic Pump Maintenance, Repairs & Installation

Is your septic system above the height of your home? Does the location of your basement require the sewage from your home to be lifted up to reach the main sewer line? You more than likely have a septic pump which helps to facilitate this process! 

If your household has a septic pump, this means that you have an additional component to your septic system. A pump system is located next to the main septic tank. Wastewater from the main septic system is transferred to the adjacent pump tank, which is then moved through the septic pump and into the drain field, completing the septic process.

There are various components to a pump tank that make it essential for select homeowners who require their wastewater to be transferred to a higher level. 

The most essential is the septic pump itself. The pump features an opening in the main structure approximately two inches in diameter, which allows solid waste to pass through a pipe attached to the pump and into the drain field. 

Other components of a septic pump system include the riser pipe, which transfers the wastewater from the pump and into the absorption field. Certain septic pump tanks include an alarm system, which is activated when the pump is not doing its job. When the water gets to a certain level, an alarm sounds indicating the malfunction of the septic pump. 

Septic pumps generally need to be replaced every 10-15 years. Miller’s Services is skilled in repair, replacement and installation of septic pumps. With over 50 years of experience, our team has the expertise you need to maintain a proper septic system. Call us at 804-758-4314 to learn more or schedule an appointment online for help with your system. Our septic team services Gloucester, Mathews and the surrounding counties on the Virginia Peninsula.

Miller's workers performing septic service


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