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Water quality impacts not only your family’s health and well-being but also the longevity of your home’s plumbing and appliances. Untreated water can contain contaminants like pesticides and harmful chemicals, bacteria, and viruses that could make you and your family sick. Water treatment systems are used to improve the quality of your water by removing those contaminants so that your water tastes great, provides adequate hydration, and keeps you safe and healthy.

At Miller’s Services, we are dedicated to providing you with accessible and insightful water testing solutions and water treatment options that empower you to take control of your water quality.


There are various methods of water treatment, including filtration, softeners, UV treatment, and more. Our expert plumbing technicians are on standby, ready to guide you through the array of solutions should you have any questions.

Water Softeners

A water softener reduces water hardness by removing unwanted minerals like calcium and magnesium ions. The benefits include preventing scale buildup in pipes and appliances, improved water flow, prolonged appliance lifespan, and softer skin and hair. In essence, a water softener transforms hard water into a smoother, more user-friendly version, offering benefits for both household tasks and personal well-being.

Water Conditioners

A water conditioner enhances water quality by removing taste-altering substances like chlorine, chloramines, volatile organic compounds, and organic gases. It employs various methods such as carbon filtration to trap and eliminate these impurities, resulting in improved taste and odor of the water. Water conditioners contribute to a more enjoyable and refreshing water experience, ensuring that your water not only meets safety standards but also exceeds expectations in terms of flavor and overall quality.

Carbon Filters

A carbon filter uses activated carbon to improve water quality. As water passes through the carbon bed, contaminants like chlorine, bad odors, and impurities are absorbed into the carbon’s porous surface. This process refines the water, enhancing its taste and getting rid of undesirable smells. The result is cleaner, fresher water that is not only safer for consumption but also more pleasant to drink and use in daily activities.

Ultraviolet (UV) Filters

Ultraviolet (UV) filters use ultraviolet light to disinfect water by neutralizing harmful bacteria and microorganisms. As water passes through the UV chamber, the UV rays deactivate pathogens, rendering them unable to reproduce or cause illness. UV filters provide a chemical-free and highly effective method for ensuring water safety, making it an ideal solution for homes relying on well water or facing microbial contamination concerns.


Distillation is a water purification process where water is boiled, and the steam is collected, leaving contaminants behind. As the steam condenses back into water, impurities remain separated. This method effectively removes minerals, chemicals, and other contaminants, producing purified water. While less commonly used today, distillation remains an efficient way to improve water quality by providing a clean and safe water supply, free from various pollutants.

Reverse Osmosis

This is a water purification process that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove impurities, contaminants, and minerals from water. Water is forced through the membrane, allowing only pure water molecules to pass while blocking larger particles. This effectively eliminates substances like lead, chlorine, and other pollutants, resulting in high-quality, purified water. It’s a reliable method for improving water quality, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications.


As a testament to our commitment to The Miller’s Difference, we offer a free water quality test. Let us identify potential contaminants lurking in your water source, providing invaluable insights into its overall quality. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions to enhance your home’s water quality. Beyond assessment, we’ll provide practical solutions and guidance to address any concerns, ensuring that your water remains safe to use and consume.

Please note, this evaluation does not test for the presence of bacteria and does not meet the requirements for real estate transactions.


Miller's Services techs

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right water treatment system for your home. Our expert plumbers have experience with and an in-depth knowledge of a variety of water treatment systems. They are available to answer your questions and assist you with finding the perfect water treatment system for your home, which begins with testing your water to see which contaminants need to be treated out of your water.


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