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Whether indoor or outdoor, lighting is something that our daily needs require. It’s something that keeps us safe, but we may not give a lot of thought to it until it’s gone. Lighting on the inside of the home allows us to see so we can keep going after the sun goes down, it also can create a great ambiance and make the room feel more comfortable. Outdoor lighting helps to show off the exterior of your home, and can also help with safety though floodlights or path lights. 


Indoor Lighting

Your home shouldn’t just be well lit but should be beautiful too. From fixture upgrades to recessed lighting, we’re here to make your home modern and sleek. Light fixture upgrades can change a home from boring to bright and full of life. Making upgrades to the fixtures in your home can be a fun and easy way to change the look and feel of your interior. Switching light fixtures can also allow you to be more energy-efficient as most older fixtures consume more energy than modern ones. Adding recessed lighting can also add a fresh and clean look that will leave your guests envious! 

Outdoor Lighting

From floodlighting to landscape lighting we are here to help make the outside of your home as bright as the inside and also safe! Adding lighting to the outside of your home can help make your home safer as it lights up the driveway and walkways around the home, making it easier for you and guests to see while also turning away possible intruders!

Landscape lighting can highlight features of your home and landscape so that people can appreciate the outside of your home just as much as the interior. Underlit trees and benches, as well as lighting along pathways can add curb appeal to your home. We can also set you up with dock lighting, keeping you and your guests safe while enjoying the water and its beautiful views no matter the time of day. 

No matter what type of lighting help you require, our professionals are here to make sure that your home is well lit, safe, and beautiful for you and your guests. Call Miller’s Services for lighting installation!


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