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When you are looking to buy a new home with a septic system, it is crucial to hire an expert to perform an inspection of the entire system. Additionally, if you have a septic system installed in your backyard when you decide to list your home on the market, it is recommended to conduct a complete septic system inspection on your property. The results of a septic system inspection are just as important as the results of a home inspection. When it comes time to sell your home or buy a new one, choose the qualified professionals at Miller’s Services to perform a thorough real estate inspection of the entire septic system.

At Miller’s Services, we take pride in our in-depth, full inspections. You can expect the inspector to begin with some questions on the history of the home and septic system. Then, we will flush all of the toilets and run all of the faucets to test the water pressure and drainage.  

During the actual inspection of the septic system itself, our trained septic professionals will start with mapping the location of your system. We will then pump out the system and inspect the interior to ensure that it is functioning properly. We are observing to see if the system is draining correctly and checking for any backflow. Throughout the inspection, we will have to dig into the system, but we assure you that we will return your yard to the same condition it was found. You can expect the inspection to last anywhere between 45 minutes to three hours, depending on the size of your system. 

While it may appear to be a time consuming and costly procedure to have your septic system inspected on top of the stress of moving, we promise it is worth the investment. This inspection will give you a deeper understanding of what to expect from your septic system and could save you thousands of dollars down the road on repairs and possible replacements. 

Give the professionals at Miller’s Services a call at 804-758-4314 when you’re looking to either buy or sell a home with a septic system. We will perform a complete inspection at a great price!  


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