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Home automation Continues to Advance

In recent years, the world of home automation has surged, empowering homeowners to control everything from lighting to thermostats and beyond.

Smart home devices allow you the ability to control your home through your phone, from anywhere. Depending on the kit or brand you choose, you can control the locks on your doors, the lights, and even the heating and cooling system in your home. The system makes controlling your home as easy as a tap of a button. Not only does it help control simple things like lights, but it also helps ensure your home is secure with things like live security cameras you can view on your phone and locks that you can control from anywhere. These features can help you rest easy even when you’re not home. 


By installing a system of your choice, you will be able to connect certain features throughout your home. Once connected, you’ll be able to control any of your automated systems through your cell phone whenever and wherever you need.

Smart home devices also help to set schedules throughout the day with settings that can control your thermostat to reduce energy consumption when your not home, turning on lights when you pull in your driveway, and even go as far as opening the blinds when you need to get up and closing them when you designate. There are endless amounts of home automation systems on the market meant to make your life easier and more efficient!

Miller’s is here is help you find the right system for your needs.


We understand wanting to stay on the cutting edge of owning a safe and energy-efficient home. With the changing world and constant increase in technology the benefits of home automation are certain to increase as well. Let us come show you how to make your home “smarter.” Miller’s can help you install the system and even help you understand how to work it so that you can take full advantage of what it has to offer. 


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