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Alternative Septic System CARE

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At Miller’s Services, we prioritize proper septic system maintenance and compliance with Virginia Department of Health (VDH) regulations. Just like how you wouldn’t skip your annual vehicle inspection, having regular maintenance and inspections for your septic system is crucial to its safe and efficient operation. Neglecting maintenance can lead to equipment failure or malfunctions that may jeopardize your household and the environment. With our reliable septic system maintenance services, we ensure that all components of your system are functioning properly and safely.

At Miller’s Services, we’re your go-to experts for all things septic systems. Our licensed team specializes in installing and maintaining various alternative systems approved in the State of Virginia. These innovative solutions most commonly fall into the following categories:

Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU):

Harnessing advanced technology for efficient wastewater treatment.

Media Filters:

These include peat moss, sand, textiles, and more, all designed to enhance your system’s performance.

Combined Systems:

We offer solutions that cleverly combine different technologies for optimal results.

We proudly collaborate with trusted manufacturers like Orenco Advantex, BioMicrobics FAST (MicroFast, RetroFast), Ecoflo, Clearstream, Delta Ecopod, Puraflo (Anua), Cajun Aire, Multi-Flo (Consolidated Treatment Systems), Hoot, and Norweco, among others.

Not sure which system you have? Don’t worry! Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you, providing top-notch maintenance and services to keep your system operating smoothly.

For additional insights into alternative systems and regulatory compliance, explore the VDH FAQ about Alternative Systems.

Miller’s Services is a trusted and experienced full-service septic company, a Class A contractor, and a DPOR licensed operator and installer of Alternative Onsite Sewage Systems (AOSS). Our team boasts over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge, making us experts in handling all aspects of your septic system.

When you choose Miller’s Services for your septic system maintenance, you not only get the required annual service agreement but also access to a wide range of additional services. In case of a system failure, our team is equipped to troubleshoot, repair, pump, and install new systems. We even have a licensed Master Plumber on staff to address any household plumbing issues contributing to septic system problems.

Our commitment to providing quality service extends to using top-notch materials, ensuring that your septic system functions optimally. We take pride in offering personalized experiences to educate our customers about their systems, empowering them to make informed decisions for their property.

What Does Our Annual Service Agreement Include?

1. Regulatory Compliance:

Our comprehensive service agreements cover all the essential maintenance and inspections required to comply with VDH AOSS regulations.

2. Diagnostic Alarm Calls:

You receive two diagnostic alarm calls per 12-month period at no extra cost in the event of an alarm or reportable incident.

3. Thorough System Inspection:

During our maintenance visit, we conduct a thorough inspection of your entire septic system. This includes verifying the structural integrity of all tanks, testing electrical components, and calibrating pumps if necessary.

4. Filter Cleaning:

We clean any filters your system may have to ensure optimal functionality.

5. Absorption Area Evaluation:

We evaluate the absorption area to ensure everything is functioning optimally.

6. Government Reporting

As part of our service, we report the completed maintenance to the Virginia Department of Health, keeping each local health department informed. You will also receive a copy of the inspection report for your records.

7. Visual Documentation

We take pictures of all components and maintenance performed during our visits. These digital images are available to you at any time and create a visual history of your system, assisting us in addressing any future issues more effectively.


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