Faucets For Kitchen Sinks & Bathroom Sinks

Upgrading your faucets for kitchen sinks & bathroom sinks is a quick and inexpensive way to add value to your home! In addition to improving the overall aesthetic of the room, if you have an older faucet, upgrading can also help you save money in the long run because of the increased water usage efficiency!

So, not only will you be making your kitchen or bathroom look better, you’re going to set yourself up for future savings, and you will be active in your pursuit of being more globally responsible with our resources.

For over 45 years, Miller’s has dealt with all things water-related for the families and businesses of Gloucester and Saluda, Virginia (and in Hampton Roads as well)! We are your go-to for all your plumbing needs!

Here are some great options for an upgrade for your kitchen and bathroom faucets:

Pull-down Faucets: Pull-down faucets are a great luxury because they act as both a faucet and sprayer at the same time. These models vary widely in price based on make, model and other features, but this is a very popular type of faucet that we find ourselves installing often.

Pull-out Faucets: Pull-out kitchen and bathroom faucets offer a more traditional look, while also offering modern conveniences. The only major difference between these two kinds of faucets is the location of the sprayer mechanism. 

One-handle Faucets: A one-handled faucet features the containment of the water temperature control with one lever, and can be controlled with a left-to-right motion or a front-to-back, depending on the model.

Two-handle Faucets: Two handle faucets offer the ability to control hot and/or cold water dispersal through dedicated handles on either side of the faucet. While these types of faucets are becoming less common, there still is a demand for that feel and look.

Bridge Faucets: Bridge faucets offer a look that sees the actual faucet mechanism lifted off of the surface of the sink by way of a bar that runs across the middle, thus uniting the faucet and the two levers. These types of kitchen and bathroom faucets are a hybrid of a couple of different kinds of faucets and are becoming increasingly more sought after in the residential sector.

Here is a video that will help give you a better understanding of the options available to you:

Miller’s Service is an expert when it comes to kitchen and bathroom faucets. Whether it’s a repair job or an installation, we would love to help you with your project!

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