Septic Risers

Miller’s Services is proud to offer the installation of septic tank risers, as well as other full-service septic repairs, maintenance, and installation projects. No matter your septic needs, Miller’s has years of experience that makes us the best team for the job! We offer septic riser installation, repair and replacement to the Gloucester, Mathews and surrounding Virginia Peninsula areas.

What is a Septic Riser?

A riser is a pipe made from various sources, such as plastic or concrete, that makes it easy to find and access the entrance of your home’s septic tank. If you are the owner of a septic tank, which requires regular maintenance and cleaning, installing a riser is a must.

Why should I install a Septic Riser?

The benefits of installing a riser are plain to see: installing saves you money on future labor costs associated with your septic tank. With a one-time installation fee, you eliminate the need for future septic work to require time to dig up your yard to find where your septic tank is located, therefore saving you money. Installing a riser also takes the work off of whoever is digging for access to the septic tank; it can be hard work! Installing a riser makes the job, faster, easier, and cheaper for you!

Located at the opening of the septic tank, a riser can either be obvious to the eye or hidden subtly to protect the image of your yard. Per usual with home maintenance issues, installing a riser for your septic tank can be hard work. Luckily, the Miller’s team has plenty of experience getting their hands dirty and putting the pieces together to get the job done.

If you are in need of a riser for your septic tank, give Miller’s a call at 804-758-4314. We would be more than happy to send a member of our team out to provide you with the excellent service that you need. Save money in the long run and make life easier by investing in a riser! 


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