Ductless HVAC Systems

A Ductless HVAC System, depending on your home’s construction, might be right for you. Some older homes were built prior to the introduction of internal duct systems, to deliver comfortable air throughout the structure. These home’s may not have the capability to install a ductwork system, so a ductless HVAC system could be a viable option in these cases.

What is a Ductless HVAC System?

Just as the name suggests, a Ductless HVAC System is one where there is not a network of ducts installed into the building’s walls. Instead, these systems (sometimes called mini-split systems) deliver a consistent airflow through a mechanism that is installed on the wall of the building, which is combined with an outdoor compressor. In contrast to a window air conditioning unit, for example, the installation requires only a small hole to be drilled into the wall. This process reduces the likelihood of air leakage or security issues.

What are the benefits of a Ductless HVAC System?

A Ductless HVAC System is extremely energy efficient. When a building has ductwork installed, the HVAC system could lose up to 25% of the energy produced by the system just by traveling through the ducts. Ductless HVAC Systems is also built to either speed up or slow down the speed of the airflow to accommodate the needs of the system, rather than shutting off entirely like a traditional HVAC system. In comparison, there is a lot of energy that is expelled when the compressor of a traditional HVAC system starts up. A Ductless HVAC System has an inverter-driven compressor, allowing for this increase in energy efficiency. 

Would a Ductless HVAC System be right for you?

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