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Miller's services apprenticeship program

When we say we are a family here at Miller’s Services, we mean it. And part of being a family is taking care of each other, which is why it is so important to us to invest in our team. In August of 2019, we launched our first-ever Apprenticeship Program to encourage the professional development of our employees within the trades industry.

In partnership with New Horizons, our program provides an opportunity for our team members to learn and earn at the same time. This four-year training and certification program is offered in three of our four trades; heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical. Evening classes are offered throughout the year and are combined with hands-on training sponsored by Miller’s Services during working hours. 

At the end of the program, Miller’s Services employees receive a certificate of completion, as well as a nationally recognized journey worker certification through the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR). Skilled tradesmen are increasingly hard to find and in high demand, so completion of this program presents unlimited opportunities to anyone who is driven and dedicated to their future success.


  • Earn while you learn!
  • Earn anywhere from $60k-$100k/year as a licensed professional
  • Become a certified journeyman in Electrical, Plumbing, or HVAC
  • Enjoy high-quality mentoring and education from industry experts
  • Develop lifelong skills that will help you achieve your professional and personal goals
  • Have access to additional opportunities for growth throughout your time in the program
  • Get on the fast track to a better career, whether you’re coming out of high school or looking to start a new career
  • Enjoy job security for the rest of your life as tradesmen are always in demand

In order to be eligible for the Miller’s Apprenticeship Program, you must:

  • Have at least 6 months of work experience on the Miller’s Team
  • Have an interest in moving forward in one of our offered trades
  • Be self-motivated and driven to learn

THAT’S IT! If you have the drive and the interest, we’ve got the opportunity you’ve been searching for. Build a better future as part of the Miller’s Family. We invite you to apply to Miller’s Services today and start your journey towards a career in the trades!

Success Stories

Mark – Plumbing Trade
Mark was able to finish his apprenticeship early – completing all his hours and training in 3 years as opposed to the customary 4. He is now close to getting his masters’ and journeyman’s license which will provide him even greater opportunities in his plumbing career!

Adam – Electrical Trade
Adam is grateful to the Miller’s apprenticeship program because it gave him the opportunity to change careers – he has a bright future ahead in the electrical trade! 

Gary  – Plumbing Trade
Gary started his apprenticeship working with another company and spent 3 years doing union work. Upon joining the Miller’s family, he’s transferred his apprenticeship and is picking back up in his fourth and final year with lots to look forward to in his career!

Cord – Plumbing Trade
Cord says he has found the Miller’s apprenticeship program to be “fun and eventful” and is grateful for the opportunity to boost his career. He’s reached an important milestone through his apprenticeship as a plumber and as his earnings increased he was able to move into his own apartment!

Miller's Apprentices
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