We Proudly Encourage the Professional Skilled Development of Our Employees

Miller's Services Apprenticeship Program

Providing access to continued education for our employees is vital to the growth of our employees and our company. As a registered partner of the US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program, Miller’s offers a fully-paid formal apprenticeship program in partnership with New Horizons Regional Adult Education Center to full-time employees after 6 months of employment.

Learn and Earn with a Twist

HVAC Apprenticeship

PLUMBING Apprenticeship

ELECTRICAL Apprenticeship

In partnership with New Horizons, our program provides a golden opportunity for our team members to learn and earn at the same time. This isn’t your typical apprenticeship; it’s a four-year training and certification program with a twist. We offer it in three trades: heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical. Online classes are offered throughout the year and are combined with hands-on training sponsored by Miller’s Services during working hours.

At the end of the program, Miller’s Services employees don’t just get a pat on the back. They receive a certificate of completion and a nationally recognized journey worker certification through the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR). With skilled tradesmen in high demand, completing this program opens doors to unlimited opportunities for anyone who’s got the drive and dedication to succeed. 

Picture Your Life After Apprenticeship

Join us and be the next success story in the Miller's Services apprenticeship program

Adam – Electrical Trade

Adam is grateful to the Miller’s Apprenticeship Program because it gave him the opportunity to change careers! He completed his 4-year Electrical Apprenticeship and is currently studying for his Journeyman's license exam.

Mark – Plumbing Trade

Mark finished his apprenticeship early – completing all his hours and training in 3 years as opposed to the customary 4. He has since earned his Journeyman's license and most recently his Master Plumber's license!

Dylan – Electrical Trade

Dylan has been a part of the Miller's team for 18 months, and he's currently in Year 2 of his Electrical Apprenticeship.

Adam – HVAC Trade

Adam is in Year 2 of his HVAC Apprenticeship and has been with the Miller's team for one year.

Dillon – Plumbing Trade

Dillon joined the Miller's team one year ago and is already in Year 3 of his Plumbing Apprenticeship.

So, what are you waiting for? Build a better future as part of the Miller’s Family. Apply to Miller’s Services today and start your thrilling journey towards a career in the trades! Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime.


To be eligible for the Miller’s Apprenticeship Program, you don’t need a laundry list of qualifications. Here’s the deal:


Have at least 6 months of work experience on the Miller's Team.


Show an interest in one of our offered trades.


Be self-motivated and driven to learn.

That’s it! If you’ve got the drive and the interest, we’ve got the opportunity you’ve been dreaming of.

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