Why You Should Consider Installing an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

We are all probably feeling the effects of the hot and humid summer weather. As we continue into July we know that it’ll only be getting hotter. The heat also brings with it all kinds of annoying bugs. But despite the temperatures and bugs, you’re likely still trying to spend lots of time outdoors. So, Miller’s suggests installing an outdoor ceiling fan to make your porch/deck more pleasant during these next couple of summer months! Check out some reasons why we think an outdoor ceiling fan is a great decision for you! 

Reason 1: They keep you cool 

The most obvious reason is that a ceiling fan will keep you nice and cool! Outdoor ceiling fans function just like the ones inside your home, working to circulate air so that you can cool down. Large outdoor ceiling fans may even cool you down more than your air conditioner does at times! 

Reason 2: Pest control

Another really awesome benefit to having a ceiling fan outside is that it can help keep the bugs away. The wind that the fan creates will make it difficult for bugs and insects to fly through, encouraging them to stay away. Fewer bugs means more relaxation for you and your family! 

Reason 3: Additional lighting

Adding a ceiling fan that has a built-in light can help you to increase visibility during the evenings. This means that you can sit out and enjoy the fresh air late into the night. This will add to the atmosphere of your outdoor living space, too. 

Reason 4: Adding to your outdoor living space

Another great reason to consider installing an outdoor fan is to increase the value and aesthetic of your home’s outdoor living space. Having a nice backyard where people want to spend time is wonderful and adding a ceiling fan means that you can do just that. Plus, there are tons of customization options so that you can create your dream outdoor space.

Miller’s recommends installing an outdoor ceiling fan to keep your outdoor living space nice and comfortable this summer. Our expert electricians are standing by and ready to help you complete this home addition. Not only can we help safely install an outdoor ceiling fan, but we’re happy to walk you through the process and ensure that you know exactly what you’re paying for before we get started. Don’t hesitate to give Miller’s a call with any questions you have or to schedule an appointment today (804) 758-4314!

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