Why You Need a Heating Tune-Up

The cool winter weather has settled in and that means that your heat is definitely on. With the heat on you may be noticing some small fixes or things that seem off with your heat this year. While that’s normal (anything that’s been off for 6 months will have some cobwebs to shake off) you don’t want larger problems to occur. In this blog, we’ll be discussing why an annual heating tune-up can be a smart decision for your home. 

First things first, would you skip your car’s oil change? Or what about its 100,000-mile inspection? The answer is probably no because we know that without these check-ups things can go wrong. The same principle applies when it comes to your heating system. A heating tune-up annually can help extend the life of your system and ensure you avoid breaks. 

What can go wrong if you don’t tune up your system? 

If you’re debating whether or not you REALLY need to get a heating tune-up then check out some of the possible issues that can occur. These are issues that you may encounter with your heating system, especially if it’s not routinely serviced. 

  • Deterioration of parts & systems 
  • Ignition system failures 
  • Pilot light flickering 
  • Dirty or poorly adjusted burners 
  • Malfunctioning valve, regulators, or thermostats
  • Water damage to parts 

Tuning up your system can also help you to save money! A properly functioning heating system is one that will work most efficiently. The more efficient your system the more money you’ll save on your monthly bill. Not to mention wasting electricity and energy is bad for our environment. Regular maintenance can also help save you from needing to replace your system prematurely. A well-cared-for system should last you several years while a poorly maintained system will likely die sooner than expected. 

A heating tune-up can also help improve your home’s indoor air quality, something Miller’s is passionate about educating homeowners on. A healthy indoor air quality means a healthy environment for you and your family to spend time in. The winter is an especially important time to maintain good indoor air quality because you’ll be spending a significant amount of time indoors. 

If you’re ready to get your heating tune-up then give Miller’s a call at (804) 758-4314! Our team of experts has years of experience. This means that we’ll get the job done right so that you don’t have to worry. We encourage you to consider getting your heating tuned up prior to the holidays so that you can enjoy care-free! 

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