Saving Power During the Stay-at-Home Order

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Our current situation is one that none of us were completely prepared for, or maybe didn’t even see coming. But as we all adjust together to our new reality, our family here at Miller’s wants to share some tips you can use while you’re staying home to save some money. With whole families being home together 24/7 your electricity bill may be creeping up, which is certainly not something you want to see. Today we’re going to share 3 ways that you and your family can work on saving power during the stay at home orders.

#1: Make sure you’re continuing to remember to turn off appliances and technology when they’re not being used. This seems really simple, but it can sometimes be forgotten when your normal routine is disrupted, and you find yourself not actually leaving the house. You may become less perspective of the fact that you’re leaving things plugged in or turned on. For example, you should unplug things like coffee pots, toasters, hair tools, chargers, and other appliances that aren’t getting used or that need to be plugged in at all times. You should also remember to keep lights turned off in rooms where you are not active or where they are necessary. Just small changes like these can help you save some money on your electricity bill. 

#2: Keep your thermostat correctly adjusted. This means you should not have your thermostat working overtime if you have doors and windows open on a nice day. If it’s nice, get some fresh air in the house and turn the thermostat off. You should also make sure the thermostat is set to around 68 degrees Fahrenheit as much as possible. This temperature or near this temperature is shown to drop costs by around 5-15% according to 

#3: Stay up to date on repairs in your home. Faulty HVAC systems, electrical outlets, and improper wiring may be costing you serious money. These things are likely not as efficient as up to date versions and are likely working in overtime to deliver the desired results. This overtime work can be costing you some serious dollar signs to maintain, especially when everyone is home and using them. A simple repair call may help you discover more ways that you can save some money. A replacement system or even just a needed repair can help you to save money and worry. 

Head out to our website to learn more about ways we can help you even during this unique time we’re going through. Or give us a call at (804) 758-4314 and chat with us about your home repair needs or more ways that you can save power and money.  

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