Remember to Change Your Air Filters!

Changing your air filter regularly is more important than many of us realize. A few of the benefits are…

AIR PURITY –  The most obvious benefit of regularly changing your air filters is that it cleans the air you breathe every day. All that gunk in the air filter after only one month? Imagine breathing all of that in! Air purity has many health benefits in preventing sickness and tiredness from mold and dust. Another benefit (that is usually a needed one here in the Hampton Roads area!) is filtering out allergens such as pollen for those who struggle with seasonal or pet allergies. 

LONGEVITY – Air filters keep your air ducts and HVAC system cleaner for longer. Duct cleaning and HVAC repairs can be expensive, so changing your filters is an easy way to maintain your home’s systems so they need fewer repairs. 

So, how often should you change your filters? The best answer is to ask your HVAC tech! Next time one of our specialists comes to your home, ask them to tell you how often they recommend you should change your filters for your particular units. A good rule of thumb is every 30 days, but, of course, every home is different so it’s always good to ask the experts! 

If you’re like most people, changing your air filters isn’t something that’s constantly on your radar. So how can you remember to do this simple yet vital task? 

  1. Set a calendar event or a reminder on your phone, computer, or tablet. This will ensure that something that tends to fall through the cracks stays top of mind at the right time. 
  1. Create a trigger task. Pair changing your air filters with another task, or with something fun! That way, when you do the other task, your brain will remember that you always pair doing that action with changing your filters. This is a trick that researchers have used for years to help people create habits. Some examples would be changing your air filters when you wash your windows, when you call a particular friend on the phone, or 
  1. Put your air filters where you will see them! Put your air filters on a shelf where you will semi-regularly see them. Get a sharpie and write the month and year when they should be installed.

Your air filters help protect you and your family from harmful pollutants and allergens, so they’re definitely not something you want to forget about! Maintaining your air filters and HVAC system will keep you and the ones you love breathing easy. Not sure what kind of air filter you need or how to change it? Give us a call! We’ll be happy to help you out! (804) 758-4314

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