Keep Your Home Safe From Winter Electrical Hazards

During the winter you may find yourself using all kinds of different electrical devices than you would normally use. For example, space heaters, heated blankets, and Christmas tree lights. While these devices may work in keeping your home cozy, they can be cause for concern. Just like any other electrical device, there are hazards if not properly used. Today we’ll run through some ways that you can keep your home safe from winter electrical hazards. 

#1 – Follow Christmas Light Safety 

Decorating for Christmas is tons of fun, but the electrical hazards remain the same. Here are some Christmas light precautions you can take to keep your home safe AND festive for the holidays. 

  • Use a surge protector for your tree lights to keep from surges in power. 
  • Don’t connect too many strands of lights together. 
  • Use the appropriate extension cords for lights outside your home. 
  • Unplug all lights at night or while you are away from the home. 

#2 – Monitor Usage of Outlets 

If at all possible avoid plugging too many devices into one outlet. Overlading the outlet can cause a lot of electrical problems and that’s something you don’t want to deal with during the holidays. If you can, avoid having more than one high wattage appliance plugged into an outlet at a time. 

#3 – Keep Flammable Items Away From Heat 

If you’re using an electric fireplace or space heater be sure that you create at least a 3-foot space between it and other objects. Creating this barrier can help to ensure that nothing flammable is within reach of the heat. You should also be sure that you teach young kids that certain devices are hot and they should keep a safe distance away from them. 

#4 – Unplug Heaters When Not in Use 

If you’re using a space heater be sure that you don’t leave it unattended at any time. If you’re sleeping, leaving the room, or heading out for the day make sure the device is off and unplugged. If left unattended it could cause a fire in your home. 

#5 – Don’t Plug Space Heaters Into Extension Cords 

If you’re using a space heater to heat your home do NOT plug it into an extension cord. These devices should only be plugged directly into an outlet in your home. Power strips and overloaded outlets will not be equipped to handle the high electrical current that these devices use. In some cases, extension cords can even burn or melt. 

We hope that these 5 tips will help you to stay safe this winter. We know that the winter is all about staying warm and cozy with family, so be sure to follow these safety tips. If you need help with your electrical safety Miller’s is available 24/7. Our expert electricians would be happy to come out and help you. They’re also available for any questions, just call (804) 758-4314. 

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