How to Keep Cool this Summer

Summer is nice…no blankets or cold toes…the sun is (mostly) always shining! But when those leftover April showers inevitably hit over summer months, it’s important to keep your septic system running well. There’s no overwhelming process, just a few quick tips!

1. Stay Dry! Just make sure those puddles are away from the septic system! Over-saturation in your yard can lead to excessive moisture on the drainfield. This can cause the drainage flowing from your home to become clogged, and back up into the pipes leading from your home. In one word: Flooding. To prevent water buildup, ensure your gutters are clear and direct them away from the drainfield. Plant only grass over the septic area, as compacted soil can handle heavier rains.

2. Shorter showers can save the septic. When the summer storms hit, the water level is higher around the home. Longer showers, more laundry loads, and more flushing the toilet will add to this water level. Higher water levels will also cause flooding. So be frugal with water use. Only wash laundry when necessary, take shorter showers, and flush toilets less.

3. Checking for leaks can save you money and avoid even more damage. Where should you look? Sinks, toilets, and outdoor hoses. Simply add a few drops of dye to your water tank to check your toilet for leaks. If it changes color, it likely one is there. In sinks, listen for air in the lines when using both hot and cold water. Low water pressure in hoses and showers may also be a sign of a leak, and should be fixed as soon as possible.

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