Increasing Your Home’s Humidity

Winter weather can be a polarizing topic – some people love it, but others would rather be soaking up the sun at the beach! No matter your feelings on the chilly temperatures, one thing stays consistent: humidity levels steadily drop. 

Low humidity can be a problem for our bodies, and even the wood in our homes. We’re talking nosebleeds, dry/cracked lips, and an uncomfortable environment for sleep. Our immediate reaction to the cold temperatures may be to press the up arrow on our thermostats, but this does nothing for the humidity. 

We have listed a few tips below to help get the humidity in your home to a comfortable level.

Get a humidifier

While it may be costly, purchasing a large humidifier is your best bet to solving your humidity crisis. 

Available at your local department store, humidifiers can instantly fix the lack of humidity in your house. If a large humidifier is not in your budget, we suggest against buying a smaller version to act as an end all be all. While these devices may be appropriate for single rooms, small humidifiers will not raise the humidity throughout your house.

Try these tips and tricks

Luckily, raising the humidity of your house does not have to be expensive! Here are a few hacks you can use to make the air in your home more comfortable:

  • Use a clothing rack to dry your clothes

Using a clothing rack to hang your clothes up to dry instead of drying them in your dryer is a great way to save energy and humidify a room! Simply hang up your wet clothes in a room that feels too dry and wait a few hours to see results. The moisture from your clothes will transfer to the air, leaving the room feeling more comfortable. Your utility bill will thank you!

  • Bathroom hacks

There are a few ways you can use your bathroom to benefit the humidity in your home. 

One trick is to leave the water from a bath sitting after you are done. By refraining from draining the water, you let the heat from the water transfer to the air. 

Another trick you can use is leaving the bathroom door open when taking a shower. By doing so, you are releasing the steam from the hot water leave the bathroom and carry over to other rooms in your house.

  • Check for cracks

If you are experiencing an uncomfortably low level of humidity in your home, there is a chance that the root of your problem may be coming from cracks in your home’s structure. Even the smallest of cracks in your walls can let in the cold and dry winter air. Take a look around and see if you can spot anything!

We hope these tips increase the quality of living in your household! If you experience anything that you think may need maintenance, give us a call at 804-758-4314.

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