Humidity & Your HVAC What You Need to Know

We all know that as the weather continues to change we’re likely to experience some pretty humid days. Nobody loves the humidity, but did you know that neither does your HVAC system? Humidity and your HVAC system aren’t necessarily friends — here’s what you need to know about humidity and your HVAC system from the experts. 

Issues Related to High Humidity & Your HVAC

  • Mold as a Result of High Humidity — One of the issues that may occur if your HVAC is battling with high humidity is mold. High humidity is one of the ingredients that it takes to create a great space for mold growth. If your HVAC is humid for several months of the year then it’s likely you could have some mold growth. While not all mold is harmful, it can cause allergies. Having an expert come in and do an inspection should be your first step. You’ll want an expert to diagnose that your HVAC system actually has mold, they’ll be able to guide you on the severity as well as next steps. 
  • Overworking Your HVAC System — Another issue that can occur because of high humidity is overworking your HVAC system. High humidity makes it harder for your home to cool itself down. The harder it is to remove humidity and heat the more your AC has to work. Overworking your HVAC system can decrease its lifespan and may even kill an old system. 

Signs That You’re Dealing with High Humidity 

  • Air that feels moist — you may even feel like your skin feels clammy inside your home. 
  • Foggy Windows 
  • A musty odor 
  • Water stains on your walls or floors 

How to Control the Humidity

One of the best ways to remove humidity from your home is to install a dehumidifier in your HVAC system. These whole-home humidifiers can help to remove excess humidity in your home and HVAC. You can also install UVs, duct seals, air scrubbers, and other HVAC gadgets that will help handle humidity and mold growth in your HVAC system. 

Hopefully, this blog gave you a better understanding of how humidity can affect your HVAC system. To avoid overworking your HVAC and prevent mold it’s best to be proactive. You can give one of our HVAC technicians a call to discuss preventative options. Our trained and knowledgeable technicians are happy to help you! Miller’s is here to help keep your home safe and comfortable. Give us a call at (804) 758-4314.

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