Electrical Safety for Your Growing Family

Being a new parent is terrifying, but it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever experience. One of the hardest jobs as a parent is ensuring your children’s safety at all times — even in the house. We all know that young kids love to explore; that’s how they learn! So what can you do as a parent to help your kids explore while also keeping them safe? Miller’s has some tips on electrical safety for you and your family! 

Tip #1: Cover All of Your Unused Outlets

Little kids love to stick their fingers in things – it’s one of the ways that they explore their environment. We all know that this can be a dangerous habit, especially if you have uncovered outlets in your home. That’s why we suggest covering these outlets with an outlet plug cover. These covers will ensure that your kids can’t stick their fingers or toys in the outlet and risk getting electrocuted. You can find outlet covers in most any houseware department or simply order them online!

Tip #2: Keep Electrical Appliances Out of Reach

If you’re a working parent then you know it can be difficult to constantly have an eye on your kids. They’re sneaky little things and sometimes they get to something that’s out of our sight. We suggest putting away all unused electrical appliances so that your kids can’t play with them. Toasters, curling irons, coffee makers, and blenders are just a few examples. Unplugging these appliances and putting them away in a cabinet with a child lock will ensure that your kids don’t accidentally turn them on or pull them from the counter and hurt themselves. *Bonus tip: When you are using one of these devices make a point to teach your kids proper use. Showing them how to use these devices and explaining the danger will lower the chance that they play with them. 

Tip #3: Keep Cords Clean

Even if you don’t have small children this tip is important for electrical safety. Leaving cords lying out in areas that are easy to trip over or where they can be easily damaged is no good. Cords that get damaged are at risk of causing an electrical fire. Securely hiding all of your extra cords will help reduce the risk of damage or personal injury. This can be especially useful if you have small children who may try putting cords in their mouths. 

Tip #4 Communicate the Dangers 

One of the best ways to keep you and your kids safe is to simply teach them the right and wrong ways to use electricity and electrical devices. Take some time to have a conversation with them about how dangerous electricity can be. You should demonstrate proper use and go over basic expectations for when they use electrical appliances. One of the most powerful tools a child can have is knowledge. You can teach electrical safety to your kids in all kinds of ways. Some suggestions include books, youtube videos, and online games. These interactive options will help keep your child engaged as they learn. 

Tip #5 Keep Your Home’s Electrical In Good Condition 

Electrical safety is something that you should be taking very seriously. Even if you don’t have kids you should regularly schedule maintenance and checkup appointments to ensure that your electrical system is functioning safely and efficiently. Getting annual electrical safety inspections from a professional can help ensure that there are no issues. If you have an older home then it’s extra important that you get your electrical system inspected for things like faulty wiring or overloaded electrical panels.

We know you’re aware of the importance of electrical safety, but it’s easy for it to slip your mind in the midst of busy schedules. We hope that these tips will help you keep your kiddos safe as they learn and grow in your home. Miller’s team of experts is happy to help you keep your home safe from electrical damage. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about your home’s electrical (804) 758-4314.

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