Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections are an incredibly important part of keeping you and your family safe. You probably use electricity in your home every single day and that means it’s always running. Electricity is not something that you want to mess around with and it’s certainly not something that should go uncared for. Miller’s wants to encourage you to get an electrical inspection at least once a year. Let’s talk about some reasons why electrical inspections are so important to your safety. 

The Stats

Electrical problems are the third leading cause of house fires. These fires account for about 51,000 fires each year in the United States. They also account for a large number of injuries and even deaths yearly. Electrical fires are responsible for around $1.3 billion in property damages. As you can see house fires caused by electrical problems are nothing to take lightly. Let’s look at what Miller’s will do during an electrical inspection and what you may need to look out for in older homes.

Electrical Concerns in Older Homes

Many of us may be living in older homes. Older homes have a lot of charm and character which is likely one of the reasons you decided to live there. However, if your home is older that means the parts inside, like the electrical, are also old. Homes that are 15+ years old are much more likely to experience electrical issues. Trends are even showing that older homes with electrical issues are increasingly causing fires and fatalities in the US. One of the issues related to an old home may be that you don’t have smoke detectors properly installed on every floor of your home. Without smoke detectors to alert you of a problem, small electrical fires can grow quickly. It’s also important to note that your electrical panel is not meant to last forever. Electrical panels should be updated every 20 to 30 years. Updating your electrical panel will help you avoid potential fires and will help steady the flow of electricity through your home. An outdated electrical panel may also be adding to your insurance as well as holding you back from adding appliances in your home. Bottom line…you really should replace your old electrical panel.

Miller’s is Here to Help

This was a lot of really eye opening information for you. But we want you to know that we’re here for you. Miller’s has been around for years and our highly-skilled technicians are available to help you with any electrical concerns you may have. Miller’s 12 point electrical safety and efficiency check-up will help you be sure that you’re home is safe and up to date. Not only that but if you become a Total Care Club member you’re in for some serious deals and perks. Here are some of the awesome benefits you’ll get from being a Total Care Club member: 24/7 great service discount, high performance check-ups, priority scheduling, and free estimates. That means any electrical concerns you may have will be taken care of effectively and efficiently. 

To learn more about our Total Care Club benefits > https://millers-va.com/total-care-club/

If you have any questions or concerns about the electrical in your home give us a call (804) 758-4314.

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