Common Summer HVAC Problems

Summer is finally here! We know you’re ready for the fun times and the warm weather, but is your air conditioning? Even if you’ve taken preventative steps to keep your HVAC system running smoothly, problems can still arise, and the warm weather makes them even more likely. Luckily, Miller’s Services offers full service repair and replacement of your heating and cooling systems. Now is the time to keep your eyes and ears open for some of the most common summer HVAC issues.

Poor Air Flow
If your AC unit is not pumping out cool air like it normally does, there may be a small problem. However, many causes of poor air flow can be fixed in minutes. First, check your air filter. During the summer, when air conditioning is used more often, the intake air filter tends to get dirty fairly quick. To avoid having this happen, make sure to change your air filters regularly.. However, dirty filters often lead to dirty coils which can freeze up your unit. If you find yourself in this situation, you should have an HVAC professional take a look at your unit.

Low Refrigerant
If your air conditioning isn’t quite cold enough to keep you comfortable in the heat, it may be a problem with your refrigerant charge. Over time, the coils and refrigerant lines in your AC unit can develop tiny holes that cause refrigerant to leak, which leads to low refrigerant charge. If this happens, your air conditioner will have problems cooling the air, and will have to work harder, making it inefficient and ineffective. To combat this issue, an HVAC technician should come out to seal the leaks and add more refrigerant, if needed.

System Failing to Operate
If your air conditioning isn’t running at all, there may be a problem with your thermostat. Before you panic, make sure your settings are correct. For example, say you have your fans operating at all times, but only set the cooling functions to activate when temperatures in your house hit 80 degrees. If the temperature in your house is 79 degrees, the fans will run, but your AC will not. After adjusting your thermostat, verify whether or not your problem is solved. If your air conditioning still is not working properly, it may be an issue with a blown fuse.

The summer months are fun for everyone…until your air conditioning stops working. Don’t let yourself get caught in the heat with no relief! If you notice any signs of your system malfunctioning, check for simple solutions. If the problems persists, call Miller’s Services at (804) 758-4314 to have one of our licensed and trained technicians assist you. Have a happy summer!

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