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Best Heating And Cooling Options For A Sunroom

A sunroom is a beautiful addition to any home but can quickly become unbearably hot in the warmer months and pretty chilly in the colder months, especially without proper heating and cooling. As the summer season approaches, now is the perfect time to begin looking at the different options available to you to promote a comfortable sunroom environment for years to come.


Expand your HVAC

The best possible option for cooling is by expanding your current HVAC to accommodate your sunroom. By expanding your air ducts and upgrading your unit to handle additional square footage, you are choosing the best long term option for your home.

Add an air conditioning unit

This is another great option and will not only cool the temperatures in your sunroom but it will also help lower your sunroom’s humidity. A split system air conditioner, which consists of an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit, is efficient and makes it perfect for a sunroom.

Install a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are also a great option for those who don’t want to install an air conditioning unit or expand their current HVAC. A ceiling fan circulates the air in the room, creating a nice, cool breeze. They also come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs making it easy to find one that matches your sunroom’s decor style.


Expand your HVAC

As we mentioned above, expanding your HVAC is not only the best way to cool your sunroom but the best way to heat it as well. It is a great long-term solution and ties into the rest of your home’s heating and cooling system.

Install radiant heating

Radiant heating works by heating up the floor in the sunroom, which then radiates heat upwards, creating a warm and comfortable space.The most popular types of radiant heating are electric and hydronic.

the difference between electric radiant heat and hydronic radiant heat

Use an electric space heater

Electric space heaters are a cost-effective way to heat up a sunroom. They come in a variety styles and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits the space. It’s important to choose an electric space heater that is designed for indoor use and has safety features such as an automatic shut-off and tip-over protection.

Heating and Cooling Safety

It’s important to keep safety in mind when heating and cooling your sunroom. Following these safety guidelines can help ensure that your sunroom remains a comfortable and safe space all year round.


When installing an air conditioning unit, make sure to have a professional, like the experts at Miller’s Services, install it to ensure that it’s

 installed safely and correctly. We also recommend cleaning your air filters regularly to prevent dust and debris from accumulating, which can reduce your unit’s efficiency and potentially create a fire hazard. 

When using electric space heaters, it’s important to make sure that they are placed on a flat surface and kept away from flammable materials such as curtains, furniture, or carpet. Please don’t leave them unattended while they are being used.The experienced experts at Miller’s Services are here and ready to help you determine the most efficient way to ensure the comfort of your sunroom this season. Contact us by giving us a call at (804) 758-4314 or visit our website at to schedule an appointment today!

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