5 Tips to Help Prepare Your HVAC for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in Virginia lasts from June 1 to about the end of November. These couple of months can bring about a lot of heavy rains and winds which can be hard on your home. If you live in the Gloucester Hampton Road areas then hurricane season can be a real threat. It’s important to get your home ready for this time of year so that you can rest easy knowing your family is safe. This blog will cover 5 tips to get your HVAC system ready for hurricane season. 

  • Tip 1: Clean up around the unit 
    • Storms with heavy rains and wind can cause a lot of damage and one of the things it can damage is your landscaping. Tree branches may fall, leaves will blow off, and other vegetation can be disrupted. These things may pile up around your HVAC unit and cause disruptions if not cleared. You should go out and clear the area around your HVAC after any storm. 
  • Tip 2: Be mindful of the possibility of flooding
    • If your area is prone to flooding during storms then you may need to make adjustments to keep your HVAC safe. Adding a raised concrete platform for your HVAC to set on will keep it out of the water if flooding occurs. If you do experience flooding you should have an expert come out ASAP to assess any possible damage. 
  • Tip 3: Cover your unit 
    • Covering your HVAC unit with a tarp and hurricane-proof straps can help prevent debris from getting into the unit. Hail, leaves, and other debris in your unit can cause costly damage. *Important note: you should turn your unit off before you cover it with a tarp. 
  • Tip 4: Get a surge protector 
    • A large storm with a lot of lightning can prove to be dangerous for your HVAC and other electrical systems. Adding a surge protector can help keep your breaker box and power supply safe. A strike of lightning can cause a surge and that will be sent to your HVAC. Several surges like these can cause damage to the mechanics of your system.
  • Tip 5: Get your HVAC inspected 
    • Getting your HVAC system inspected during the spring season or prior to hurricane season can help you be ready. Having a professional come out and inspect your system will reassure you that everything is working properly. That way if a storm hits there will be no underlying problems that affect its performance.

These 5 tips can help you be prepared for hurricane season. Hurricane season can be dangerous and being unprepared just makes it worse. Miller’s experts are here to help ensure that you and your family stay safe all year round. Call to have your HVAC inspected today and be ready for hurricane season (804) 758-4314.

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