Servicing Your Summer Home

If you have a summer home, chances are you don’t think about it much until summer is actually here. This probably means your septic and plumbing are not the first items on your to-do list when you arrive to town. You may be focused on cleaning up some dust and getting your landscaping together before you start hosting guests for summer fun. However, the out of sight, out of mind concept may cause some problems. When you have friends and family over, your septic and plumbing system may experience a shock from all the extra use. We’ve got some tips for taking care of your home while you are in town. 
  • Schedule your septic inspection and pumping. This is extremely important if you know it hasn’t been done it in a few years. A septic professional will be able to tell you if a pumping is required or if there are any issues with your tank. The last thing you want is to have a septic emergency while you are hosting your summer BBQ.
  • Maintain your drain-field. Do not overuse your sprinkler system trying to revive dead grass, this could cause flooding. Make sure no plants or trees are growing near your drain-field as the roots could damage pipes. Utilize a landscaper for the months you are not using your home to ensure nothing causes major issues with your system.
  • Check for leaks in your plumbing. Schedule a plumber to come inspect your drains, pipes, and other important plumbing aspects as soon as you arrive at your summer home. Chances are, you will have quite a few guests while you are visiting and your plumbing system will need to be in good condition before it experiences a lot of use. 
  • Keep water usage at a normal level. You don’t want to wash all the extra sheets in the house the same day your guests are arriving. Spread out laundry, dishwasher usage, and running your sprinkler or water hose. Not only will this save you money and maintain your systems but it is also eco-friendly. 
Ask your guests to: 
  • Be mindful of what they are flushing or putting down the garbage disposal. 
  • Keep showers short.
  • Park away from your drain-field.
These precautions will help maintain your system for the duration of your visit and save you from a headache while you are trying to have fun. If you have any questions or would like to schedule maintenance, contact Miller’s at 804-758-4314.
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