Saving Your Septic System and Conserving Water this Summer

Water is an essential part of beating the summer heat; we need it to stay hydrated, stay clean, and even stay cool. But for our septic system, excessive water usage can cause some problems that could require expensive repairs. While we need to make sure we drink lots of water, there are some other ways where we can reduce our water usage with just a little bit of effort. Take these few steps to curb water waste and improve your system’s overall condition.
  1. Replace older appliances with eco-friendly options. If you’ve been eyeing a new shower-head or need to replace those old faucets, opt for newer low-flow products that are able to reduce water consumption while also providing sufficient water pressure.
  2. Cut down your shower time. Be mindful of how long you are in the shower and work to shorten the time you spend in there.
  3. Spread out laundry and dish-washing. Try doing one load every other day rather than doing it all in one day. Try not to run your laundry and your dishwasher at the same time either. Any water-using appliances should be spread out.
  4. Lower outdoor water waste. Limit the amount of times you water your lawn throughout the summer. The best time for watering is in the early morning or evening so that water does not evaporate under the sun. Try not to over-water your lawn or garden.
  5. Keep up with regular maintenance. Preventative maintenance and inspections can keep your system running efficiently all year long, avoiding costly repairs down the road.
Remember that water conservation not only saves you money but also protects the planet. For more information on preventative maintenance or helpful water conservation tips, give Miller’s Service a call at (804)-758-4314.
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