Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Whether you’re planning for a big DIY project, or just want to be prepared to face daily wear and tear or emergency issues in your plumbing system, there are basic plumbing tools that should be in every homeowner’s toolbox. Having certain essential tools in your home will help you feel confident in the performance of your system and will ease your anxiety about winding up with a plumbing disaster on your hands! Plumbing problems are very common in all households and while some require an expert, some, such as leaky pipes or a clogged sink, you can do yourself with some preparation. Here are some important tools to keep on hand in order to stay prepared. 


This one is a given. Plungers are essential for any household to be prepared for a clogged sink or toilet. The key is to have two different kinds of them on hand: a cup plunger to clear clogs in sinks, bathtubs, or showers and a flange plunger for the toilet. 

Basin wrench 

A good wrench set is imperative to keeping your plumbing system in check at all times. A basin wrench has a long shaft and a clamp at the end, which makes it perfect for getting into hard to reach spaces, such has behind the sink to tighten and loosen faucet bolts. 

Adjustable wrench

Another important wrench is the adjustable wrench, which has a firm jaw and is perfect for compression fittings, supply lines and other pieces of your plumbing system. With a hexagon-shaped head, you can be sure this wrench won’t slip while you’re working.  

Pipe wrench 

A pipe wrench is larger and heavier than an adjustable wrench, it is great for tightening and loosening larger nuts and maintains a firm grip while you work on your project. 

Hand auger

A hand auger is useful when you have a clog in your sink or shower that your normal plunger can’t handle. It uses a hand crank to push a long, coiled wire through your drain to clear the clog. 

Duct tape

This one, you probably already have around the house! Duct tape is extremely useful as a short term solution to leaky pipes in your plumbing system because it creates a water resistant barrier that will hold you over until a professional can fix the problem for good.   


A hacksaw is crucial to have around for emergencies. It is a handheld saw that is strong enough to cut through any pipes, screws, nuts, bolts or any other hardware in its way. 

Leaky pipes and clogged drains are very common plumbing problems that occur every day in households just like yours. Having these tools around will help you feel confident that you are prepared for emergency situations and that you can handle small plumbing projects. Of course, if the problem turns out to be bigger than you anticipated, be sure to call a professional such as our licensed and experienced service experts at Miller’s Services, to finish the job! 804-758-4314.

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