Leaking Septic Risers & Water Infiltration

Can you imagine having your whole yard turn into a dirty swimming pool? Well we’ve helped a client who did have this happen…and let’s just say you can’t rush mother nature. If you’re interested in what happened on this call you can check out this video https://www.facebook.com/MillersVA/videos/541254839931178

This video is an example of what happens when you have leaking septic risers, causing water to infiltrate your yard. This problem can cause more than just annoyance, it can be dangerous to you and your neighbors. When a septic tank leaks it is potentially leaking out dangerous fumes and contaminated water. Let’s look at what exactly a septic riser is and what you can watch out for so that this problem doesn’t happen to you!

What is a Septic Riser 

Your septic tank is likely located below ground level and that means it can be hard to detect if a problem arises. A simple solution to this problem is to install a septic riser, a concrete or plastic pipe that runs directly from your septic tank to ground level. You may not have a riser if your septic system is older, if you don’t have one, you may want to consider getting one installed. The riser offers easy access when it’s time to inspect, pump, or perform maintenance on your septic system. The riser eliminates the problem of having to dig down to your septic tank when maintenance is required. 

Signs Your Riser is Leaking

Your septic riser may begin leaking if it’s punctured by something. The easiest way to know whether or not your septic system is leaking is if your septic system has an alarm. Newer septic systems have alarms installed that will go off if any issues arise with your system. If you hear the alarm then you know it’s time to call a professional for help.  If you have an older system here are some things that may indicate your system is leaking. 

  • Foul Odor 
  • Overly soggy yard 
  • Standing water 
  • Toilets or sinks backing up/slow to drain

If you notice any of these signs then your septic system may be leaking. If your system begins leaking and the issue is not addressed in time then water infiltration will likely begin. Water infiltration is when water on the ground surface begins entering the soil. If you watched the video mentioned earlier then you’ll see that it makes quite a mess and can be difficult to overcome. 

If you’re having septic system trouble don’t stress. Miller’s team of professionals have years of experience and are eager to help you and your family. Even when things are looking…muddy…our team can overcome and get your system back to normal. If you have any questions about your septic system and how to best care for it give us a call. (804) 758-4314

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