Indoor Air quality Evaluation

Indoor air quality or IAQ refers to the air quality in and around your home as it relates to your health and comfort. IAQ is extremely important because it can affect your health and lead to health concerns and general discomfort within your home. In a previous blog we discussed ways that you could improve your indoor air quality. You can check that out here. Today we want to discuss how you can evaluate your home’s IAQ so that you can keep you and your family comfortable and healthy. 

The most reliable and thorough way to check your home’s indoor air quality is to have a professional come in and complete an assessment.  However, there are some at home tests and tools you can use to monitor your home’s IAQ on a regular basis. Let’s discuss some of those now. 

Home Indoor Air Quality Monitor– This is one of the most effective and easy ways to monitor your home’s IAQ. With several different brands and specifics there are a lot of options when it comes to IAQ monitors. For example there are handheld monitors, monitors that you can rest on your bedside, and industrial level monitors. There are also monitors that can detect specific things such as formaldehyde, lead, and NO2. No matter what monitor you decide on, having one of these in your home will allow you to detect common pollutants and general air conditions within your home in real time. 

Installation of Carbon Monoxide Detectors– Having a carbon monoxide detector in your home is an easy and important step in keeping your home safe. This will alert you if the poisonous gas is detected in your home. You can call a Miller’s professional out to get these installed throughout your home. 

Other options– You could also consider having a professional come check your home for mold as well as radon. There are also at home tests you can complete to check for these pollutants. However, both of these can be dangerous and if you have any concerns that these pollutants could be in your home you should seek a professional immediately. 

Miller’s is happy to help you understand your home’s indoor air quality, how to monitor it, and what you can do to improve it. No matter what, Miller’s is here to help show you the Miller’s difference, and is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe. If you have questions about IAQ or think you’d like an IAQ assessment from one of our professionals then give us a call (804) 758-4314!

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