Health Risks Associated with Septic System Failures

One-third of the US population depends on their septic system to remove waste from their home. Your septic system can be easily forgotten, if a problem isn’t obvious you might not even know one exists. However, your septic system works hard to get rid of disease-causing bacteria and it’s important that it’s functioning properly. A failing septic system will become inefficient and that may cause health concerns for you and your family. Keep your family happy and healthy by ensuring your septic system is functioning properly. 

One health concern that may occur when your septic system is failing is dangerous gasses being released. The fumes from the various gasses in the septic tank can escape due to build up. Here are some examples of gasses to be cautious of: 

  • Methane: although odorless, tasteless, and colorless this gas is extremely flammable. If it comes into contact with a flame it will explode creating an extremely dangerous situation for you and your family. 
  • Nitrate: this is dangerous to young children, when inhaled it can cause “blue baby syndrome”
  • Sulfide: very unpleasant odor typically described as “rotten eggs”. If there is prolonged exposure to this gas it can cause irritation to the mouth and nose. 

Another health concern is the bacteria associated with these gasses. If the bacteria from your septic system leaks into your home or into your drinking water it can cause illness. A failing septic system leaking dangerous bacteria into your water can cause illness to you and your pets immediately. There is even risk of serious illnesses such as hepatitis and dysentery.

A final health concern to watch out for is bacteria in the fumes causing/spreading mold spores. Mold spores may be spread back into your home due to a failing septic system. Mold spores can cause irritation of allergies and breathing problems such as asthma. If you don’t treat mold spores they can grow in moisture filled areas of your home. This can be dangerous and extremely expensive to remove safely. 

As you can see your septic system is an extremely important part of your home and does a lot to keep you and your family safe. You can avoid septic system failures by doing regular maintenance and repairs on your system. Not only should you stay on top of maintenance and repairs but you should get your septic tank pumped as well. Miller’s team is here to help you handle your questions about your septic system. If you have concerns or need more explanation on how to care for you septic system call our team today (804) 758-4314.

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