Dock Lighting: What you Need to Know 

Living so close to the beach and with access to several bodies of water is one of the perks of living in the Hampton Roads area. You’ve likely considered owning a boat with proximity to all this water. In fact, those of you that do live on the water probably have a boat and a dock. Having a dock and a great backyard can be tons of fun in the summer when hosting gatherings, but what about adequate lighting? How can you keep your dock safely lit? Let’s look at dock lighting and what you should know about it.

  • If you have a dock – install lighting! We want to highlight the importance of dock lighting quickly. The most crucial point is that it can save a life. That seems dramatic, but the reality is that there are dangers, such as a boat running into your dock without dock lighting. 
  • Make sure to be a courteous neighbor. You likely don’t live on the water without anyone else around you (if you do, this doesn’t apply to you). With neighbors around, it’s important to consider them when installing dock lighting. Make sure that it won’t be a bother to have them on at night. If you share a dock, you may even be able to split some of the costs. *Additional tip: if you keep your dock in a marina, you should consult the marina manager before making any dock modifications. 
  • Keep your entire backyard and dock path well-lit. You shouldn’t only light your dock. You should also consider your backyard and the dock path people will be walking on. The dock path is critical because you don’t want anyone losing their way off dry land. These lights can be as minimal as you like; there is no need to add light pollution if it’s unnecessary. 
  • Consider adding underwater dock lights. Again, these underwater lights can keep people safe from losing their footing. They can also make a beautiful atmosphere around your dock that’s great for summer evenings. They also attract marine life, which can be great for anyone interested in fishing from their dock. 

All in all, dock lighting can be a great addition to your home. It can create a peaceful ambiance for you and your friends to enjoy during the summer while keeping everyone safe. We encourage you to only work with professionals on this job since electricity and water don’t mix. We also encourage you to use LEDs which will last longer and be better for the environment. Miller’s Services does handle dock lighting. Our professionals would be happy to install dock lighting or address any questions you may have. Be sure to call (804) 758-4314 for questions or to schedule an appointment! 

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