Can you Have a Pool and A Septic System?

Who doesn’t want a pool in their backyard? Pools are great ways to cool down and they can be tons of fun for family and friends to enjoy during the summer. They look beautiful and they can add some serious value to your home. We’re all for getting a pool, even if it’s just above the ground. But we do want to remind all homeowners to be cautious if they have a septic system. So the question is can you have a pool and a septic system? 

The short answer is YES. 

But let’s take a look at some of the things you need to be mindful of when installing a pool in your backyard with a septic system. 

1 – Make sure you know where your septic system is located

One of the first things you should do is make sure that you know exactly where your septic system is. Where the important pipes are, the tank, and what’s defined as the drainfield. Making sure you know where all of this is will make the process of picking your pool location much easier. Miller’s septic experts are happy to come out and assist throughout the installation process to ensure that your septic stays safe. 

2 – Following regulations and suggestions 

There are likely local regulations/codes that you will be expected to follow. These may be in regards to your septic and pool proximity. They may also be related to your pool in general. Of course, you should have experts who can help walk you through this entire process. One regulation that you should be mindful of is maintaining space between your pool and septic. Often 15-25 feet of space is required at minimum from pool to septic, this is relevant for above-ground or in-ground pools. 

3 – Be mindful of chemicals and draining

You don’t want your pool additives mixing with your septic additives. Regardless of the style of pool you have, you’ll likely need to keep certain chemicals like chlorine in it to keep it safe. These pool chemicals aren’t the friend of your septic system and will likely cause an imbalance within the tank. These imbalances can cause issues that you don’t want to have to deal with later. Likewise, anything you add to your septic will likely disrupt the balance of your pool. Make sure that these chemicals stay separated and that you don’t drain the pool into your septic system. 

4 – Hire vetted & trusted professionals

This is especially important if you’re going through the process of adding an in-ground pool. Make sure that you choose a professional who you know will be able to perform the work with excellence. You want to be sure nothing will be damaged through the process. Miller’s can’t install pools but we are septic experts. We’re happy to help ensure that your septic stays safe throughout the process and is properly located during the initial steps. 

Pools are amazing and they can provide a ton of fun for you and your family. Just make sure you’re taking other features of your home into consideration prior to installing one. Your septic is important and can be costly to fix should something go wrong. Miller’s is happy to help you with any septic questions or concerns you have! Just call (804) 758-4314.

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