Septic Tanks Vs The Environment

Indoor Plumbing Isn’t Something We Have Always Had.

Yet, most people these days take it for granted. Not that long ago, one of the most dominant public health hazards was waste disposal. Since then, there has been a drastic change in the way we dispose of toxic waste and it has had an extreme effect positively on our quality of life. With this being said there are still areas that we can improve upon to help with our overall heath, for instance the in home septic system.

Typically, if you live in a city or town you will have a sewage line that connects to your household plumbing therefore your waste goes safely from one destination to the other. However, millions of homeowners like to live further from the city therefore they have no choice but to rely on septic tanks instead. As with most things in this world, various septic tanks all work in variously different ways, but generally, the septic tanks slowly filter the liquid waste deep into the ground while maintaining the solids in the tank until its broken down by bacteria or is removed by a pumping truck.

Herein Lies the Problem.

During the waste distribution process, the tanks are releasing a momentous about of nitrogen into the environment by releasing the liquid waste into the ground. The argument being that nitrogen can negatively impact the environment especially if it gets released into a water source by releasing toxins into our water. Most of the time an isolated septic tank is ok, the problem beings when the tank is located close to a well or other possible sources of water.

There are ways to address this problem concerning our environment, in lowering the nitrogen output, but that then becomes so much extra maintenance for the homeowner.

Keep It Safe.

No matter which way you choose to remove the waste from your household we want to be sure it is done in a safe, environmental friendly, sanitary way. If you have any questions about how to do this or if you are doing it correctly for your area please give us a call so we can help you.

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