Snow covering a septic tank


Winter takes quite a toll on septic tanks. This is mostly because the germs and bacteria that live in our tanks are very sensitive to the outside temperature. Yes, there are actually millions of good bacteria that live and thrive in our septic tanks, and we need them.  Most may not know, but they are extremely necessary and work to digest the waste therefore just leaving the water and carbon dioxide in the middle. Also known as the water waste. Undigested waste, which is called sludge, settles to the bottom. If there are to0 few bacteria to digest this waste, the sludge would continue to build up quickly. The bacteria work even when it is down to 11 or 12 degrees outside, but when the temperatures drop below 10 degrees, they start to slow down, or even completely stop. Therefore, causing that sludge to build up. If this continues and there are no active bacteria, the sludge continues to build up and this is what gives us the unappealing smells around our tank, and possibly even in our home.  There are a few things you can do to insure that this doesn’t happen to your tank. Eating more organically so that the bacteria are able to digest it better and also using specific cleaning products in your toilets. Acids and bleach kill bacteria so you want to be sure not to use that. You could also even go as far as adding your own bacteria to the tank to insure there is enough of them. There is a lot to this and multiple types of bacteria you can get, so make sure you are getting guidance from your local septic company to be sure it is done the correctly. Adding bacteria is much less expensive then having to pump your septic tank due to inactive bacteria and too much sludge build up. 
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