Sprinkler Systems and Outdoor Plumbing

When we think of plumbing, we typically think of our indoor plumbing. Things like our showers, toilets, and sinks come to mind. This plumbing is stuff that you probably use most often and it’s extremely important. But during the spring and summer, it’s also important to consider your outdoor plumbing. Hoses, sprinkler systems, and other outdoor plumbing are important parts of your plumbing system and shouldn’t be forgotten. Read the rest of this blog to learn more about your outdoor plumbing and some tips on how to take care of it. 

Your hose is the first major outdoor plumbing source that you’ll likely be using this summer. You can use your hose to wash the car, power a slip and slide for the kids, or water your garden. Whatever you use it for, the key thing to remember is to turn it off properly after use. Often we’ll get sidetracked in our day and just leave the hose on. But a hose left on can waste about 90 gallons of water in ONE day. That’s a waste of water for the planet and your wallet. Be sure that you get into the routine of turning the hose off before heading in for the day or immediately after use. 

Another great reminder is to be wary of your sprinklers. Having in-ground sprinklers can be a great addition to your home’s outdoor space. They make keeping your grass green easy. But if they aren’t used properly or don’t get covered, they may get broken during lawn care. Running them over with the lawnmower or a trimmer can cause damage. This is not fun to fix and may result in more damage to the system during use. It’s best to call your sprinkler system company and get it repaired as soon as possible. 

Another outdoor plumbing feature you should consider is an outdoor kitchen or outdoor shower. Not everyone has these features, but they can prove helpful in the summer. Outdoor kitchens are great ways to extend the entertainment space of your home. They can act as a space for you and your family to hang out and entertain, but you should be mindful of the plumbing. We recommend checking the plumbing to ensure it’s still functioning properly if you’ve had an outdoor kitchen for a while. We also recommend doing the same if you have an outdoor shower. With these items being exposed to the elements and weather conditions, it’s more likely that they get damaged. 

Overall, we want you to enjoy the summer and spend time entertaining outdoors. But we also want you to be mindful of your outdoor plumbing. Just because it’s not something you see every day doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be maintained and cared for. If you have any questions regarding your plumbing, call our experts at (804) 758-4314.

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