Soil Evaluation for Septic Systems

Are you planning on installing a septic system on your property? Before doing so, it is imperative to be sure that the soil the septic tank will be built in and around is capable of absorbing large amounts of liquid. You’ll need to perform a soil evaluation to ensure you are installing in the right spot. 

The end result of a septic system is processed wastewater being released into the soil surrounding the tank through the system’s drain field. If the soil surrounding your septic system is not capable of taking in the constant stream of processed wastewater coming from your septic tank, you could be facing high repair costs. 

To properly go about installing a septic system, a soil evaluation will need to be undertaken. This evaluation will measure the condition of the soil surrounding the area for the planned septic tank. The ideal type of soil for confining a drain field is well-drained sandy soil, but due to the high variation of soil, it is imperative for the plotted land to feature model soil. 

A soil evaluation requires a checklist of items to be prepared before completion, including a boundary drawing of the property. Miller’s will help you get situated in order to start the evaluation process. 

Soil evaluations consist of digging holes in the proposed septic system area to determine the quality of the soil. Characteristics an evaluator will be looking for include, soil absent of water and various topographical patterns, for example.

Evaluations can fall into a few results: approved, denied or further evaluation needed. You will receive a letter within a few days of the evaluation. In the case that your proposed area is denied, Miller’s will provide you with options you can take.

It sounds like hard work! Luckily, Miller’s Services team has the resources and people readily available to help you determine if your soil is the right fit for a septic system.

Serving the Virginia Peninsula since 1973, Miller’s has perfected our craft and is here to help you evaluate your soil. Give us a call or fill out the form below to schedule and save.


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