New Government Regulations to Increase Prices Across the HVAC IndustRY

Is your HVAC equipment getting up there in age? Maybe you’re on the fence about replacing your HVAC equipment. Well, it may be a good time to consider and act before 2023. The new year brings with it new HVAC regulations. These new regulations advance the HVAC industry in terms of efficiency requirements. So, what do these new regulations require? Will this mean big changes are coming to HVAC equipment and your wallet? Finally, what does this mean for HVAC companies? 

Energy conservation standards are reviewed by the Department of Energy at least once per six year span. The requirements extend the minimum level of performance which will result in less energy usage. Don’t fret, this means savings in energy bills for you!

While all states are experiencing changes to regulations, there are different requirements for specified regions. Virginia sits in the southern region and is required to increase SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, from 14 to 15 for air conditioners. Heat pumps will increase from 14 to 15 SEER nationally. 

To understand a little bit more about SEER and what it is, watch this video below. It explains how SEER factors into your HVAC efficiency. You’ll also see the last time SEER requirements were implemented and what they were. We suggest you find your SEER rating to understand what your current system is rated. 

HVAC equipment installed after January 1, 2023 must meet these requirements for the southern region. If you’re interested in replacing your HVAC equipment before the requirements take effect, we encourage you to reach out to Miller’s Services. If you’d like to get ahead of the game and purchase a new HVAC unit now, we can help you pick one that fits your home’s needs. An air conditioner’s efficiency depends on the size of your home, installation, ductwork, and window air-flow leaks. Besides higher efficiency, there are other benefits to newer and more efficient equipment including Energy Star® rebates, tax credits, and deductions.

When you’re ready for new or replacement HVAC equipment, our professionally trained service technicians will make sure to take all the steps to find the best product for you. We’ll set up your system to work at its highest efficiency so your money goes further. Schedule an appointment with Miller’s Services today.

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