Generator Safety Switch: What to Know 

Do you have a portable generator in your home? If you do, props to you for taking action to keep you and your family safe during storm season. We know that a portable generator may not be your ultimate fix; maybe you’re just waiting to upgrade to a whole home system. We also know that generators can’t fix all the problems or risks that come with storm season, but they can at least help keep you comfortable should the power go out. Owning a portable generator means you should probably own a generator safety switch. Have you ever heard of this device? If not, we’re here to help you understand this device and how it may benefit you. 

What is a Generator Safety Switch? Why Should You be Using One? 

We first want to note that portable generators, while extremely helpful, can also come with some potential danger. The risk of fire, electrocution and damage to systems in your home is possible if proper care is not taken during setup. A generator switch is a great place to start when keeping your home safe with a portable generator. A generator safety switch, also commonly known as an interlock switch, is a device that hooks onto your main breaker box. It connects your main breaker and generator breaker so that should the power go out, your generator will not rely on the public power grid. Another great benefit of an interlock switch is that it allows you to connect the generator safely to the main outlet WITHOUT extension cords. This makes the system safer and will enable you to use it up to its capacity, giving you greater control over what you’re powering. A generator safety switch is easy to install and use, so we recommend getting one for this storm season. It’s a simple device that can give you peace of mind knowing your home and your family are protected. 

Miller’s Services can install a generator safety switch at your home. Our expert electricians, like Adam, are happy to help give you the peace of mind you deserve. Simply call (804) 758-4314 to get your interlock switch installed today! 

Plus, check out what Adam has to say in our Quick Tips Video on Generator Safety Switches! 

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