Generator Do’s and Don’ts 

We tend to talk a lot about why getting a whole-home generator is important. We’ve discussed how it can help keep your family safe and comfortable during a power outage or storm. We’ve shared how easy it is to get the right one installed with the help of our service experts. We’ve even talked about all the benefits of owning one. But we don’t feel we’ve shared some of the do’s and don’ts of owning a whole-home generator. We believe all generator owners should know things about their system to better care for it. After all, this is an investment, so you want to do your best to keep it functioning.

Generator Do’s That You Should Know 

Below are some things we think you should do to keep your generator working for you. These tips will help extend the system’s life and just help you take better care of it all around. 

  • DO: Choose the best generator for you and your home’s needs. It’s best to do your research and consult with an expert before purchasing and installing a generator. You’ll want to get the right size and brand for your home. At Miller’s, we offer Generac and Briggs and Stratton generators. 
  • DO: Consider purchasing a generator with an automatic shutoff. This feature will automatically shut the generator off should it start overheating, keeping your home safe. It also means there’s an automatic on switch too. This on switch will turn the system on when the power goes out so that you don’t have to try and find it in the dark. 
  • DO: Be mindful of how much power you’re expecting from the generator. Don’t overload it by trying to power everything in your home simultaneously. We often suggest routing what’s most important to your generator and leaving the minor things out until full power is restored safely. 
  • DO: Make sure that a licensed electrician installs the changeover switch. The changeover switch allows the power to route from your generator rather than the main lines during a power outage. This is serious and dangerous work, so only hire a licensed professional you can trust to do this. 

Generator Don’ts That Can Keep You Safe 

Now it’s time to share some things you should NOT be doing with your generator. These reminders can help keep you and your family safe while using a generator. 

  • DON’T: Forget the dangers of a generator. Just because it’s not the primary source of electricity doesn’t mean it’s not carrying a massive amount of it. Ensure everything is installed and cared for CORRECTLY to avoid a dangerous situation.  
  • DON’T: Forget about routine and consistent maintenance. There’s a chance that your generator goes a while without being used. But that doesn’t mean it should be left or forgotten in your home. Regular maintenance can also help extend the life of your system. 
  • DON’T: Skimp on the material necessary to host your generator. Whole-home generators typically sit outside your home and need a flat, sturdy surface to sit on. This enclosure/area should be sturdy enough to last the wear and tear of possible weather. 
  • DON’T: Expect that your generator will be silent. While whole-home generators are often quieter than their portable counterparts, they still make noise. This is unavoidable, so don’t be startled if you hear noise from the system when it begins running. 

We hope these tips can help you better understand your home’s whole-home generator as an important investment. Being mindful of these Do’s and Don’ts will make you a better generator owner. Please call our service experts if you’re looking to install one of these systems. We’ll be happy to help you find and install the right option for you. 

We have generators IN STOCK NOW, so call (804) 758-4314 for assistance. 

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