Best Heating/Cooling Options for Your Sunroom 

If you have a sunroom, now is a fantastic time to use it. Sunrooms are great because you can enjoy the fresh air and sunset without worrying about all those pesky bugs. If you have a sunroom, you probably want to take advantage of it all year round. By including some heating/cooling options, you can make the space a place for you and your family to hang out no matter what the weather looks like. Let’s look at some of the best heating/cooling options for your sunroom. 

Options for cooling a sunroom

  • Consider expanding your HVAC into the sunroom. Adding ducts and upgrading your system to handle square footage can help keep your sunroom nice. While this option requires more work and is less inexpensive, it will be a better long-term solution. Contacting an HVAC professional to help guide you through the process is best; this will allow you to have clear expectations. 
  • Consider adding a window AC unit to the room. This small but powerful little unit will help to cool down the space without too much additional work or money. These smaller units are cost-efficient and will help keep your space comfortable during the summer. The downside here is that it won’t help much in winter. 
  • Do NOT use any portable AC units. These typically don’t do a good job cooling down the space and are a huge waste of energy. If a window unit isn’t possible, then consider simply using a fan to keep air moving through the room. 

Options for heating a sunroom 

  • Consider using a space heater to warm the space. Space heaters are effective ways to warm smaller spaces without having to make significant changes to your heating and cooling system. It’s important to note that space heaters can be dangerous if not used properly. We encourage you only to use these when you’re out on the porch. Plug them directly into an outlet and do not leave them too close to the furniture or flammable items. 
  • As we mentioned above in the cooling section expanding your HVAC is a  great long-term solution to keeping your sunroom nice. 
  • Consider insulating your sunroom better by using cozy furniture and a large rug. This will leave the space feeling warmer than if it’s empty. 

We hope that these tips help you decide the best way to heat/cool your sunroom. We want you to enjoy this extra space in your home without stressing about the safety of your home. Miller’s are HVAC experts, which means we’re happy to help you work through solutions that fit your home. If you’re looking to hear from an expert, call us at (804) 758-4314. 

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