Miller’s Services loves our customers! We consider our customers family, and it’s important for us to always be there for our customers when you need us most! Step one, we provide 24/7 emergency service, so you know who to call when things go wrong – outside of normal business hours. Step two, we are now offering Automatic Air Filter Delivery, so we can help you stay on top of the little things!

With so much going on in our busy lifestyles, we know it can be hard to keep up with small tasks around the home. Many things seem less important and fall to the bottom of our to-do lists, making them easily forgotten. As your home services provider, we value you and your time and we want to make your life just a little easier with this new offering.

Preventative maintenance is a huge part of ensuring that your HVAC system is running properly at all times. Skipping out on changing your filters for months at a time can cause dust buildup, bad indoor air quality, reduced airflow, and higher energy bills. With our Automatic Air Filter Delivery program, you will get your filters delivered right to your door on a scheduled basis. Something as simple as this can help you avoid larger issues in the long run.

How Does It Work?

  1. Gather your filter’s information (including size and type)
  2. Fill out this form 
  3. Collect your delivery when it arrives
  4. Change out your filters right away

It’s that easy! Take the guesswork out of remembering to find your filter type and size and avoid searching the shelves at the local grocery or hardware store to find the right filter. Instead, fill out our custom form with all of your information ahead of time and choose a schedule and frequency that is right for you. All of your information is saved in our database and you can leave the rest to us!


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